Andreas Under My Skin


In 1991, our friend, Philippe Jacquemin, had a Sepultura Tribal S tattooed on his leg.  p2After going to a Sepultura show in the Netherlands in 2012, Philippe asked Andreas Kisser to sign his leg next to the Tribal S tattoo.  Andreas was more than happy to fulfill Philippe’s request.  Immediately after Andreas signed Philippe’s leg, Philippe headed straight to a tattoo artist in Rotterdam and asked the artist to tattoo Andreas’ signature permanently onto his leg.  After getting the Andreas signature tattoo was complete, Philippe later went to a different tattoo artist and began to have more worNB 3547-1 7inch Sleeve - STANDARD (Optimal VMT-21685).inddk done on his leg — this time the additions of the Brazilian flag and the face of Andreas Kisser!  Philippe’s tattoo of Andreas’ face is now featured as part of the cover artwork of Sepultura’s 2015 single, Under My Skin. Philippe is also shown in the 2017 documentary, Sepultura Endurance, which discusses the band’s extensive history.   Philippe is an active member of the Sepultura Community, Sepulnation and Sepultura France fan groups.