In 2011 Andreas Kisser played guitar for heavy metal legend band Anthrax.  The opportunity arose when Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian took time off the road to spend with his family following the birth of his first child.

In early 2011, Scott Ian stated that Andreas was chosen to fill the position because “we feel he can do the gig better than anyone. He has the fire, the attitude, and the crushing right hand to do the gig…I’ve played with Andreas at the Roadrunner 25th-anniversary show, and I’ve gotten up and played with Sepultura and we are kindred spirits. We both play every show like we’re going to jail the next day, like it’s the last show we’ll ever play. He has what it takes and he has the experience and history to fucking bring it and make these Anthrax shows something special.”

Andreas’ first show with Anthrax was on July 2, 2011 at Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany as part of a “Big Four” show with Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.

Above video: Anthrax with Andreas Kisser – Live @ Gothenburg 3 July 2011

Andreas told Shredload TV in an interview that filling in for Scott Ian was “one of the best moments of my life, really, as a musician, to be respected that way by them. To have Scott calling me and thinking about my name, giving me six months to prepare and stuff. And everybody… I felt home, really. It was a great to jam with them and spend two weeks with Anthrax…five ‘Big Four’ shows plus other shows and festivals. It was great. Everything went smoothly, and I think I was prepared to do the job. And I enjoyed it a lot. I was really there with them. You know, it’s something that you never dream about. You dream so many things. But reality is much better. ”

After Andreas’ time with Anthrax was complete, Anthrax posted a thank you note on their official Facebook page, which said, “Words cannot express the feeling of love we have for you. From the first day, you were a part of the family. You were the only choice to fill in for Scott and that decision proved to be the right one. Thank you for being you.”

Andreas again joined Anthrax in 2014 for another live show at Rock al Parque in Colombia.

Above video: Anthrax with Andreas Kisser – Live @ Rock al Parque 18 August 2014