Death Angel

Andreas Kisser made a guest appearance on The Evil Divide, the eighth full-length album recorded by San Francisco Bay Area thrashers, Death Angel.   The album was released in 2016 by Nuclear Blast Entertainment.  Andreas plays guitar on one of the album’s songs — “Hatred United / United Hate.”

Above video: Official video for the song “Hatred United / United Hate”

Album Lineup: 

Vocals: Mark Osegueda
Vocals, Guitar: Rob Cavestany
Guitar: Ted Aguilar
Bass: Damien Sisson
Drums: Will Carroll
Guest Guitar: Andreas Kisser


Album: The Evil Divide
Record label: Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Release date: May 27, 2016

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Track Listing:
1. The Moth
2. Cause for Alarm
3. Lost
4. Father of Lies
5. Hell to Pay
6. It Can’t Be This
7. Hatred United / United Hate (featuring Andreas Kisser)
8. Breakaway
9. The Electric Cell
10. Let the Pieces Fall

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