Burning In Hell

Andreas Kisser made a guest appearance on Burning in Hell’s second full-length studio album, Believe.  The album was released by Encore Records in October 2006.  Andreas appears on the song “The Waterfalls.”

Album Lineup: 

Vocals: Leandro Moreira
Guitar: Tiago Della Vega
Guitar: Geraldo Aita
Drums: Marcelo Moreira
Guest Guitar: Andreas Kisser


Album: Believe
Record label: Encore Records
Release date: October 2006

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Track Listing:
1. Indian Forest
2. Little Indian Voice
3. Medusa
4. Believe
5. Never Surrendur
6. Guide of Dead
7. Save the Queen, Save the King
8. Stay Together Forever
9. Code of Honour
10. The Waterfalls (featuring Andreas Kisser)
11. Goddesses of Fate – Part I
12. Goddesses of Fate – Part II

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