Welcome to AndreasKisser.net.  This site is a fan-operated tribute to Andreas Kisser.  Andreas has no affiliation with this site.

The mission of this site is to serve as a hub for all information related to Andreas’ career including projects (new and old), interviews, tour dates and more.

My name is Jesse and I’m just another fan.  I have been a fan of Andreas since I first started listening to Sepultura as a teenager in the 1990s.  Please contact me if you find any errors or information that needs to be revised on the site.  I would like to thank Jason Korolenko, Philippe Jacquemin, Eugene Flores, Tono Čajka, Sepulnation and Sepultura Community for the use of photos, help with the site and support.

[Note: This site makes does not generate any revenue of any kind — its maintenance is paid for out-of-pocket.  All links to Amazon or other merchandisers are solely placed on the site to help people find music — you’ll notice there are no referrer links that generate revenue for the site.  This site is purely about the music! Nothing more!]