Andreas Kisser produced Necromancia’s 2004 album Check Mate and also appeared as a guest musician on the album.  Andreas plays guitar and does backing vocals on the album’s opening track, “Greed Up to Kill.” Necromancia is a groove and thrash metal band from São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil that was formed in 1985.  The album also features a guest appearance from Krisiun’s Alex Camargo.

Album Lineup:
Vocals, Guitar: Marcelo d’Castro
Bass: Roberto Fornero
Drums: Kiko d’Castro
Guest Guitar and Backing Vocals: Andreas Kisser
Producer: Andreas Kisser


Album: Check Mate
Record label: Mausoleum Records
Release date: 2004

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Track Listing:
1. Greed Up to Kill (featuring Andreas Kisser)
2. Action/Reaction
3. Virus
4. The Blooding-Post War
5. Catastrophe
6. Farsa
7. Catch 22
8. The Riddle
9. Scavenger
10. Check Mate
11. Overkill
12. Greed Up To Kill (Multimedia Video Track)