Andreas has used a variety of guitar, amps and other equipment over the years.

The last couple of years Andreas has been using Orange Amps.  Specifically he has been using the following Orange gear:

  • Orange Amps Rockerverb 100 MKII Head x 2
  • Orange Amps PPC412 Cab x 4

The picture above shows him just one head and two cabinets.

Orange has an Andreas Kisser site that you can visit to read more.

Andreas has a signature guitar made by Seizi Guitars in Brazil.  The Seizi AK features an alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, EMG-81 and EMG-85 pickups, and a Floyd Rose bridge.


Andreas also plays a number of other guitars.  He frequently uses guitars made by Fender, Jackson and Charvel.

Jackson Guitars – Andreas Kisser Blog
Charvel Guitars – Andreas Kisser Blog

Jackson RR1
Pictured above: Jackson Randy Rhoads USA Select. Model Number 2803060.


Pictured above: Charvel So-Cal Style 1 HH Snow White.



Dunlop makes the Andreas Kisser AK95 Signature Crybaby Wah pedal which is available in Brazil.


SG Strings produces three different types of Andreas Kisser signature strings.

Click here to visit the SG Strings Andreas Kisser site.

The three signature string sets they offer are:
Andreas Kisser Signature (Light) String Gauges: .010, .013, .017., .026., 0.36., 046
Andreas Kisser Signature (Hybrid Heavy) String Gauges: .013, .017., .021, .041, .050, .060
Andreas Kisser Signature (Heavy) String Gauges: .013, .017., .026w, .036, .046, .056


Above video: Andreas talks about equipment he uses during the recording of Sepultura’s Kairos album in 2011.  He is currently no longer using much of the equipment used for that album, like the Mesa Boogie gear, but the video is still worth watching.