Andreas Kisser made a guest appearance on Asesino’s second album,  Cristo Satánico, which was released in 2006.  Asesino is an extreme metal band that was formed in 2002 as a side project by Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares.  Andreas is credited on the album as “Sepulculo.”

Album Lineup: 

Vocals, Bass: Tony Campos (Maldito X)
Guitar: Dino Cazares (Asesino)
Drums: Emilio Marquez (Sadistico)
Guest Guitar: Andreas Kisser (Sepulculo)


Album: Cristo Satánico
Record label: Hawino Records
Release date: July 18, 2006

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Track Listing:
1. Advertencia
2. Regresando Odio
3. Maldito
4. Rituales Salvajes (featuring Andreas Kisser)
5. Yo No Fui
6. Padre Pedofilio
7. Enterro Vivo
8. ¿Puta Con Pito?
9. Adelitas
10. Twiquiado (featuring Andreas Kisser)
11. Perro Primero
12. Sadistico (featuring Andreas Kisser)
13. Batalla Final
14. Cristo Satánico
15. Y Tu Mamá También
16. Misas Negras
17. Matando Gueros

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