Andreas Kisser made a guest appearance on  Brazilian thrash metal band Astafix’s debut album, End Ever, which was released in 2009.  The album was recorded in São Paulo, Brazil.

Album Lineup: 

Vocals, Bass: Ayka
Vocals, Guitar: Wally
Guitar: Paulo Schroeber
Drums: Thiago Caurio
Guest Guitar: Andreas Kisser


Album: Astafix
Record label: Independent
Release date: 2009

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Track Listing:
1. Red Streets (featuring Andreas Kisser)
2. Cipher
3. End Ever
4. The 13th Knot
5. Drown Your World
6. False Eyes
7. Dead Forever
8. Desordem e Retrocesso
9. The Havoc Clutch
10. Desert Eyes
11. Seven
12. Black Blood Blight

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