Andreas Kisser made a guest appearance on Korzus’ fourth full-length studio album, Ties of Blood, which was released in 2004.  Krozus is a Brazilian thrash metal band was formed in 1983.  The album was recorded and mastered in São Paulo, Brazil.  Andreas plays guitar on one of the album’s songs, “Correria.”  The album also features other guests including Andre Matos and João Gordo but they are not on the same track as Andreas.

Album Lineup:
Vocals: Marcello Pompeu
Guitar: Heros Trench
Guitar: Silvio Golfetti
Bass: Dick Siebert
Drums: Rodrigo Oliveira
Guest Guitar: Andreas Kisser


Album: Ties of Blood
Record label: Unimar Music
Release date: 2 April 2004

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Track Listing:
1. Guilty Silence
2. Respect
3. What Are You Looking For
4. Screaming For Death
5. Never Get Me Down
6. Punisher
7. Evil Sight
8. Correria (featuring Andreas Kisser)
9. Cruelty
10. Ties of Blood
11. It Wasn’t Me
12. The Sadist
13. Who Is Going To Be The Next
14. Peça Perdão