Andreas Kisser made a guest appearance on Nailbomb’s 1994 album Point Blank.  The album was a side project of Max Cavalera and Alex Newport which was forged in 1993 as a result of their bands Sepultura and Fudge Tunnel touring together.  The album has three songs featuring Andreas on lead guitar.  There are also other guest musicians on the album including Igor Cavalera and Dino Cazares.

Album Lineup:
Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Samples: Max Cavalera
Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Samples: Alex Newport
Guest Guitar: Andreas Kisser
Guest Drums: Igor Cavalera


Album: Point Blank
Record label: Roadrunner
Release date: 8 March 1994

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Track Listing:
1. Wasting Away
2. Vai Toma no Cú (featuring Andreas Kisser)
3. 24 Hour Bullshit
4. Guerrillas
5. Blind and Lost
6. Sum of Your Achievements
7. Cockroaches
8. For Fuck’s Sake
9. World of Shit (featuring Andreas Kisser)
10. Exploitation (Doom cover)
11. Religious Cancer (featuring Andreas Kisser)
12. Shit Pinata
13. Sick Life