The AK Corral

Andreas Kisser made a guest appearance on  The AK Corral’s album A Different Brand of Country.  The AK Corral is a country music side project of Flotsam and Jetsam singer Eric “A.K.” Knutson.  The album was released through their own label, Stillwest Records, in 2004.  Andreas is featured on the song “Rickia.”

Album Lineup:
Vocals: Eric Knutson
Guitar: Scott Goodwine
Harp, Keyboards: Brian O’Carroll
Bass: Scott Lawrence
Drums: Tim Russel
Guest Appearance: Andreas Kisser


Album: A Different Brand Of Country
Record label: Stillwest Records
Release date: 2004

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Track Listing:
1. Thunder Mountain
2. The Pearly Gates Saloon
3. Nothing I Can Do
4. That’s All She Wrote
5. Love Is Blind
6. Arizona Girls
7. Can I Help You
8. Plumb Tuckered
9. Last Leg
10. Feel’s So Ill
11. Everytime
12. Rickia (featuring Andreas Kisser)