Nader Sadek

Andreas Kisser made a guest appearance on  Nader Sadek’s 2014 EP The Malefic: Chapter III.  The four song EP features Andreas providing guest guitar on two tracks — “Entropy Eternal” and “Descent.”  Andreas recorded his parts at his home in Brazil and sent them to Nader Sadek to be added to the songs.

The album was released as a free CD insert via Decibel Magazine in the United States, Terrorizer Magazine in the United Kingdom and Legacy Magazine in Germany.  The versions released by Terrorizer and Legacy magazines have different mixing and mastering than the Decibel release.  Sepultura was scheduled to play a show in Cairo, Egypt with Nader Sadek in June 2014 but the authorities ended up cancelling the show.

Above video: Sample of “Entropy Eternal” featuring Andreas Kisser

Album Lineup:
Vocals: Travis Ryan
Guitar: Rune Eriksen
Bass: Martin Rygiel
Drums: Flo Mounier
Songwriting: Nader Sadek
Guest Guitar: Andreas Kisser


Album: The Malefic: Chapter III
Record label: Independent
Release date: 3 November 2014


Track Listing:
1. Deformation by Incision
2. Carrion Whispers
3. Entropy Eternal (featuring Andreas Kisser)
4. Descent (featuring Andreas Kisser)