In 2009 Andreas Kisser made a guest appearance on  Brazilian power-metal band Krusader’s debut album Angus.    Andreas plays guitar on one of the album’s songs, “Battle Memories.”  The album features other guest musicians as well, including Andre Matos.

Album Lineup:
Vocals: Kamila Martin
Vocals: Rick Ricci
Guitar: Paulo Soares
Bass, Violin: Raphael Reis
Keyboards: Fábio Thesta
Drums: André Pelegrini
Guest Guitar: Andreas Kisser


Album: Angus
Record label: Independent
Release date: 2009


Track Listing:
1. And Shall Begin the Clan
2. Cerridwen Wind
3. The First Warrior
4. Ice Blood
5. Again
6. Part I – Virtutes Septem
7. Part II – Shall Feel My Sword
8. Part III – My Heart I’d Give To You
9. Battle Memories
10. Freedom
11. Marching Overture
12. Holy Metal Sign
13. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover)
14. Ocean to War
15. The King’s Return
16. Marching Overture (Long Version)