Rio Montreux Jazz Festival

Rio Montreux Jazz Festival
On 8 June, 2019, Andreas will play at the Rio Montreux Jazz Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the Ary Barroso stage next to great names of rock and metal, such as Luis Mariutti and Eloy Casagrande.  The show is to consist of 12 hits of heavy metal in instrumental and acoustic music format.  Click here to visit the festival’s Facebook site.


Andreas also will be playing at Rock in Rio later this year with both Sepultura and Kisser Clan.  Visit the Tour Dates section for more information.  Sepultura also has some other shows scheduled.

Metal Allegiance and Sepultura Dates

Andreas, along with many other special guests, will be playing with Metal Allegiance in Anaheim, California at the House of Blues on January 24, 2019.  Visit the official Metal Allegiance site for more information.

Sepultura has also announced a few additional tour dates for 2019 including Rock in Rio.  Information is available at

Tour dates are also posted here.

Start off 2018 with Sepultura and Kisser Clan in Brazil!

Two additional dates have been announced for Andreas Kisser tour shows in Brazil.  Sepultura will be playing will be playing at Arena Mix in Mogi das Cruzes on January 13 and Kisser Clan will be playing at the 3rd Berti Rock Festival on January 20.  See the tour dates section for more details.

In addition to the two dates mentioned above, Sepultura will also be touring Australia and New Zealand in May.  Again — see the tour dates section for more details of these newly announced shows.




New Shows Announced!

Several more shows have been announced including Sepultura’s first ever show in Thailand. Visit the tour dates section or the bands’ official websites or social media pages for more information about the shows.

De La Tierra:

8 October 2017 –  – Ciudad de México, Mexico
1 November 2017 –São Paulo, Brazil
3 November 2017 – Buenos Aires, Argentine
4 November 2017 – Santa Cruz de la Sierrz, Bolivia
5 November 2017 – Santiago, Chile

11 November 2017 – Sao Paulo, Brazil
8 December 2017 – Bangkok, Thailand


Special Show:
Andreas will join Dudu Braga and RC na Veia as a special guest in São Paulo, Brazil for a show that will be recorded for DVD on 9 October 2017.  Additional information is available at the following sites:





More Gigs!!!

New shows have been announced!

Jam Session de Lausanne

Andreas Kisser will be playing at a jazz festival in Lausanne, Switzerland along with several other musicians including Brazilian guitarist Armandinho Macedo. Andreas will be playing on 2 September 2017. More information about the festival can be found here:


Sepultura has added another date in Brazil and also a date in Santiago, Chile!

18 August 2017 – C.A.E.M. – Ouro Preto, Brazil – Additional Info

21 October 2017 – Teatro Cariola – Santiago, Chile – Additional Info

70000TONS of Metal


Sepultura will be on the 70000TONS of Metal cruise in 2018!

The cruise is scheduled for February 1 – February 5, 2018 and will be departing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and sailing to Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Other bands scheduled for the cruise include Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah and Dark Tranquility.

For more information about the cruise visit this location: